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Two forged 762MM receivers for sale, $650.00 each shipped to FFL only, with hard copy or ez Find name and address of FFL's, make sure they will accept from individual with valid drivers license copy before posting take it.

I already had five and got more, now the wife is after me to fix her vehicle, must sell, no offers or trades please, money orders only from USPS. These indexed well and I ran headspace check. Before lapping, they should be 1.630 with G.I. barrels, others should work fine too. Barrels hand indexed in, and nothing else has been done ,these are brand new.

I have 3 with consecutive serial numbers if Boomer doesn't buy his I promised him, so anyone interested in doing matching builds, you can buy all 3 for 1875.00 shipped to same FFL, serious inquirys only please.

One sold to Sweeney, and one to Boomer, Last one Sold to Falco

Money orders must arrive within 7 days of take it, or they will be reposted for sale again. I will ship the day I receive payment if possible. 1st I'll take it rules, thanks ...Rip.
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