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7.62x51 OTMRP 125 grain at Cheaper than Dirt

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Was skimming across the ammo selection at Cheaper than dirt and came across some BVAC 7.62 OTMRP. Can anyone tell me about this open tip match rear penetrating round. I'm curious about it since this is my first time coming across this ammo.
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Aimhigh91 posted this in the other thread, it's pretty interesting...


Otmrp mk 319 mod 0 is a wall penetrator, the front defeats the wall the copper slug rear goes through for the kill. The linked slide show states test results with accuracy and precision results.
I have 2 boxes of the 5.56mm stuff (from CTD as a matter of fact...) and it's as accurate as anything I've shot in both of my AR's, including my 16" RRA.
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