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7.62x51 or .308 for M1A

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I know i'll probably get hate because this is been asked probably a million plus times, but I haven't found a definitive answer yet. Which is better to shoot from an M1A? I know both will shoot just fine in the M1A. I'm asking because I want to know which will cause the gun to have more wear? Which will shoot more accurately? Thanks in advance.
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Wow, so many questions. I would stay with 7.62x51mm, I have sent >16K rounds down range through my NM M1A. 90% of it was military surplus ammunition from around the world...

What I have personally fired through my NM... http://m14forum.com/ammunition/23464-mil-surplus-ammunition-manufactures-7-62x51mm.html

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In 16K rounds, I have replaced the NM barrel and the op-rod spring only. it's still a great shooter.

http://m14forum.com/m14/7371-new-mexico-range-report-9.html Read post 360.

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You had an impressive list of the ammo you have shot through your M1A! VERY IMPRESSIVE! You also broke the myth on the lifespan of casted Springfield's receiver being at 15k

Since I cannot ask a question on your other thread, I want to ask here about your experience on GGG 15 ammo. Are they truly less accurate than GGG 04/05 mintage as I read from several posts here? Your experience is appreciated!
It was a big let down after firing two mags full. How could they have lost that great round from the 2004-2005 lots... Winchester Engineers were still backing up the Lithuanian manufacturing floor back then. Just a big let down after they came out of the gates with such great tight surplus ammunition and it being new production.
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