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For years I used Unique loads if for nothing else it worked and kept the number of pistol powders I needed to stock. I've gone as high as 7.5 grains using a Berry's 200 g RN plated.

Some dirt but acceptable. I find anything behind a lead bullet is going to be dirty as the lube is a major factor in that.

When the Unique ran out two weeks ago I picked up a pound of Titegroup. as my loads don't have to be the fastest, it seems to work fine with less dirt left over. I use Berry's 185 g. HBRN with a 5.2 g powder charge. The OAL loaded length equals the more standard 230 FMJ.

After the Titegroup experiment is over, I'm going to try 231. My only concern with Titegroup as it seems to be with others is the increased chance of a double load due to the small amount of space taken up in the case. I have to add a additional dose of caution when I'm loading.
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