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I use 6.5gr of Unique, 230gr FMJ-RN, and standard large pistol primers for 850FPS w/o any pressure signs. I have gone as high as 6.9gr w/o pressure signs but the 6.5gr load is a lot more comfortable to shoot.

Old Unique leaves a lot of carbon everywhere but the formula has been changed and it is now much cleaner.
That is the exact load I have been using for about 20 years. I also have a small batch of 6.7grn Unique loads with 230grn HP bullets, but I just stick with the mild recoiling 6.5grn load for the FMJ's.

I have tried W231 and WST, neither of which gave me the velocity I was getting with Unique. WST is as clean burning as they come, you may be able to try it and find success.
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