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Certainly no expert, but some serious long distance competitors use the ‘German Serengeti’ or ‘German Salazar’ chamber for match 30-06 rifles:
…For example:
Match Chamber with 1.5° Leade, Throated for 190s
Clark chambered the barrel blank with the Serengeti 30-06 reamer, print no. 9685, from Pacific Tool & Gauge. This reamer was used to cut my other current 30-06 chamber and it produces great accuracy. The Serengeti has a 1.5 degree leade angle like a .308 as opposed to the 30-06's traditional 3 degree leade; I believe this change is an important factor in getting the best accuracy from a 30-06. The body dimensions are well matched to Redding dies, so the brass is not overworked and lasts for many firings. The freebore on the Serengeti is just right for the 190 grain range of bullets, but if heavier bullets such as 210s are going to be a rifle's main diet, then a slightly longer freebore, perhaps 0.070" longer, should be specified. This reamer's neck diameter is 0.340" which is the SAAMI standard for 30-06 and works well with modern brass. Clark cut the barrel to 28" overall for good balance.”

…That’s all I know re this topic.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts