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300aac weird crimp, Winchester white box

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I picked up a few Winchester white box 300aac, 147 grn to see how they group and for the brass. I’m also working on my own loads, these have decent muzzle velocity for what I’m looking for.

1) I noticed these at LC brass.
2) there’s an odd, almost octagonal, crimp at the bullet

Is this normal?

These were purchased as new from sportsman’s supply.

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Is it normal on factory ammo? Or are these reloads? I haven’t seen it before on my commercial stuff
That neck crimp is a normal factory crimp. I see this crimp on nearly all factory ammo. It looks like a lee factory crimp die crimp because that what the factories have been using for many decades on bottle necked cartridges.
Some brass will be too thick in the neck and will not chamber unless you neck turn the cases. Some brass works perfectly for the conversion. There's no issue with the chop saw cutting the brass. you need to research what brass works and what doesn't. You can cause yourself a lot of headaches if you don't know what you're doing.
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