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300 yard range report

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I got a chance to shoot my Remington 700 Police .308 Win. with Leupold Mark 4 3-9X Mil-dot Precision Rifle scope out to 300 yrds. I was getting 1 3/4 to 2 inch groups with the 4 rounds the rifle holds. The rounds shot were 168 gr. Seirra Match King bullets and Varget Powder.
Some Hooligan with an AK in .223 was spraying my targets so disregard the 1 and 2 shot lone groups.
I highly recommend the new Mark 4 PR scopes.

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Actually with this Remington 700 Police rifle it marks my first entry into the Sniper Rifle/Tactical firearm. I'm mostly a surplus military rifle collector. Mainly American Rifles and SMLE rifles.

So hopefully I will pick up some wisdom from the more experienced tactical shooters here.
dighawaii said:
Aloha Mark,

Looks like you got the "fomula"! The 168 SMK and the Varget is a formidable combination!

Is your Rem stock? Or accurized? Looks to be good shooting to me!

How do you like your "bolt" gun?


Tom O.

The rifle is still stock. I'm thinking of pillar bedding the action with Devcon.
At the same range a guy has the same rifle that is bedded and he gets half the group size I get.

The two things that I would change on this rig is the 1:12 barrel to 1:10 and change out the Leupold MK4 PR to a Leupold LR M1 or M3.

Didn't I see a post that you have a Loopy M1 or M3?
fubar said:
that car would make a nice 1000 yard target :wink:

I still have a years payment till it's all mine.
Also I won't get my personalized plate till 2 weeks from today.
It's M14 TRW. :mrgreen:
Hopefully that will stop some one from shooting at it.
dighawaii said:
Are you going to shoot out the old barrel before rebarreling or are you just going for it?
Tom O.
There is a 90% chance that I will be rebarreling the rifle with a Krieger 1:10 CM barrel in late July or early August. I fell in love with the Krieger 1:10 SS barrel on my LRB M14SA rifle. I'll post pics and a review if I rebarrel the rifle.
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