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300 yard firing line on L.I.

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I finally got to shoot the LRB M14 and AR15 out to 300 yards. The local range here opens up the 300 yard line for 2 hours after the range closes at 5 pm. Keep in mind that all these were shot off a bench rest to zero in at 300 yard. The M14 was shooting Port surplus and the AR15 55 gr basic handloads not match quality.

Looks like I'm going to be at the range late on saturdays.



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Hawk said:
Y'all don't forget yer flak jackets and brain buckets 8O That's Calverton.... :mrgreen:
It's not that bad. Once the range closes at 5 pm all the hooligans are gone. That just leaves the benchrest shooters that stay for the 300 yard shoot. Also one perk is that we get to drive our cars to the target. I'll have to get a pic of that this coming weekend.
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