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30-06 Springfield Accelerator by Remington

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Just looking at the ballistics info on remingtons site and found the 30-06 accelerator 55gr. round. Has anyone tried this ammo? It has a very flat trajectory and very high muzzle velocities. Seems like a good varmint round. I bit overkill I spose. :mrgreen:
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If you have the capability, you can buy .30 cal sabots all over the Internet and load your own. I bought some a while back and loaded 55gr FMJ rounds into .308 particulary to build a varmint round. I've shot quite a few of them but haven't had the chance lately to see exactly how accurate they can actually be out to any interesting ranges.
Try this link.


Here's some load data. (Always approach with caution)

Never tried it. Shot mine out of Rem .308 Heavy Barreled Varmint Rifle. Maybe someone else has??
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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