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30-06 Springfield Accelerator by Remington

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Just looking at the ballistics info on remingtons site and found the 30-06 accelerator 55gr. round. Has anyone tried this ammo? It has a very flat trajectory and very high muzzle velocities. Seems like a good varmint round. I bit overkill I spose. :mrgreen:
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Accelerators were advertised as being as accurate as any other ammunition fired in the same rifle. This was in effect true. However it usually was as accurate as the worst load, not the best load. Out of my Garand, the 30-06 accelerators clocked 3900 fps and delivered 7" groups at 100 yards. .308 accelerators checked out at 3800 fps in my M1A and shot about 6" groups. The velocity and group size are as remembered only, so don't quote me on them. I was disappointed so got some from one of the ads in Shotgun News. I got higher velocities, eventually, but the accuracy was horrible. This is due to the fact that you have problems with inserting the bullets straight into the sabot. One of the manufacturers of sabots, at least in the past, offered a fixture to better seat the bullet straight. I don't know if they still do. If you do try these, you can get velocities like you never believed possible. Think 40 grain bullets in a .300 Weatherby.
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