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2nd Amendment Freedom Rally - Long Island

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Just Passing it on.

2nd Amendment Freedom Rally - Long Island
· DATE: Saturday, July 27th, 2013
· TIME: 12:00 to 2:30 PM
· WHERE: H Lee Dennison Bldg, 100 Veterans Memorial Hgwy, Hauppauge NY

FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is the ONLY alternative.
They need to know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WE Will NOT Quit – WE WON”T Back Down

Stephen Flanagan, Founder & Executive Director of Conservative Society for Action
Carl Paladino, Founder Turn Albany Upside Down & Former NY Gubernatorial Candidate
Bill Cooper, Vice President of the NYC Chapter of Oath Keepers
Stephen Aldstadt, President of SCOPE (Shooters Committee for Political Education)

The citizens of New York are realizing that political decisions have led to insane governance. Dems, Repubs and people that don’t even vote now realize crazy laws are taxing and regulating everything we do. It is just too much – it is making life miserable for everyone. It is truly time for the people to guide lawmakers using our commonsense.

We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.
UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List [email protected] …“sign me up”
Repeal - FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility.
The harder WE work the greater the possibility
Keep Fighting
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