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some things to consider..if your pistol is already drawn at eye level, your first round is center mass, the second, third or fourth is as fast as you can deliver... same general area....somewhere after the first or second round you assess if the intended target iis affected ..body armor? chest rig??..if not..then move up fast...sending once you've past the nose......hits from the throat up to the nose can past through and not stop the threat because they are still below the brain. If from a holster draw or low readly, start sending as soon as you think you are pointing at the pelvis....and work your way up. that happens only in a perfect world.....otherwise you shoot till the threat is gone.....the single aimed shot is nice but if you are the second to draw or to present You are at a distinct disadvantage if the threat is already got you targeted....otherwise you are on the right track.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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