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Dunno, I'd say slow - way slow for a gunfight.

The only real life story I have is from a cop buddy. One of the guys in the precinct was making extra money doing bank guard duty when the bank got robbed. This guy pulled a shotgun in the bank and pointed it at the guard.

The guard was sitting behind a desk and had literally a tenth of a second to get at his gun. He started shooting as soon as it cleared his holster - as fast as he could pull the trigger, and he kept shooting as he brought it up and shot the robber dead. But in doing so, he left a stitch pattern across the top of the desk that walked right up the front of the perp.

I think when SHTF, you have zero time to aim, you need lead going down range as fast as possible.

Statistically, I can back this up. The limits of lethality for your target are that you need to get a hit - one hit, anywhere on the target. All your hits are in the center 1/3 of the target. If you consider that group size and speed are direct tradeoffs, ie the faster you shoot the bigger your pattern, it says you could shoot a LOT faster, and still get one hit on the paper - and that's all you need to stop someone.

OK, out of 2 mags if you really only get one on the paper, maybe you are a little wild, but still, all of them in the middle 1/3 is much too much time aiming.

That all said, I guess it is a question between are you trying to compete, or practice self defense drills.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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