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Hey Tony,,looks like your on the right track !!! Some good info above for sure. It all boils down to range time and making that range time a worthwhile outing !! RNGR2 Here are some targets and drill I like,,they concentrate on the Fundamentals,,and thats what its all about,,go slow,,do it "Right" and the speed will come !!! Like Larry Vickers says,,"Speed Is Fine,,But Accuracy is Final" It all comes with time and rounds down range !!!
This is good with a buddy !
http://www.mdtstraining.com/Fundamental & Chase Drill.pdf
The Dot Torture,,,,good drill,
Another good trigger control drill:
More fundamentals and trigger control stuff:
Work on these for awhile,,,all good stuff I feel,,as time goes on you WILL get better and then you move out to further distances,,& that is only limited to what you & your State deems a fair/safe/practical distance that you can defend yourself and your family !! In NY,,you have to run the other way no matter what,,LOL !!! Not really that bad,,,but it can be trying at times,but enough about that,,LOL !! Also get yourself a Shot Timer,,they make a HUGE difference,,,it is amazing what that little buzzer does to increase the stress level !!!
Here is a super pull your hair out big time stress inducer,,but fun,,fun,,fun !!! Check it out !! The FAST Drill !!
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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