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Pistol Drill

Your hits looked good to me. I noticed your split times varied between shots probably due to fighting to get that front sight re-aligned. Not your fault. A tuned pistol will drop that front post exactly straight down in perfect alignment every time. First step is to tune those bad boys to your grip strength and arm strength. Once that is done you should work toward one single ragged hole at 7 yards first. Then maybe 10 later on. Split times should be around 3 tenths of a second for a single ragged hole; to work towards (get a shot timer). In time with practice that will drop under 2 tenths - same ragged single hole. As you progress over time you might decide a narrower front post helpful, too. Your eyes will get faster, too.

Btw, it usually takes about 10,000 rounds to tune and learn a pistol. Some folks might disagree with that comment. They are free to do so. I've been there for years with various pistols everything from Glocks, 1911 singles stacks, 1911 double stacks, revolvers, etc. That's what it took.

If this is about self defense getting a hit on the first shot counts. You may not get another. Make it count.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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