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I will be the first one to say that I don't know much about these kits. I'm told they were surplussed by the Air Force many years ago. I received them in a trade for some other parts, and want to sell a couple (2) of them off.

They are rather dirty, and have been ran hard and put away wet. I will try to clean them up the best I can under my current time constraints, but please don't expect them to be perfect and pristine.

Each kit comes with one bolt assembly and one magazine. I believe the magazines are 15 rounds in capacity, but they may be less. I actually don't have any .22 caliber rounds to check!!! Sorry!!!

Please see photos below, and ask any / all questions prior to committing to purchase.

Price is $200.00 each + shipping.

All Federal, State, and Local rules apply. Only sold where legal. Buyer is responsible to know their laws. I will NOT BE HELD responsible if these are illegal in your state or county, or town or city for that matter.

All forum rules apply.

If interested, please post that you'll take it then send me a PM with the same information + your full name and shipping address.

All forms of payment accepted. PayPal + fees is fine.

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