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My daughter and son-in-law own timberland in East Texas. Last year they held a deer hunt at no cost for Veterans on there property in Trinity County, Tx. for a group sponsored by "GOOD OL' BOYS HUNTING CLUB". The members of the club are made up of a mix of retired military & civilian members that want to suport our country's Veterans and let them know that we Americans want to support them, as we know that "Freedom Is Not Free". These members are not wealthy but work raising funds & seeking donations and giving from there own pockets to see that active & wonded Veterans can have a quality deer hunt at no cost. I was honored to be a part of last years hunt & this years hunt that began on Dec. 2, 2010 & ended on Dec. 5, 2010. This year 10 soldiers along with two of there two of their Sargent Majors and there Commander John E. Novalis II. from Ft .Hood Tx. came to hunt. These young soldiers have three tours in Iraq under there belt and will be going to Afganistan next year sometime. I am attaching a few pics along with a link for viewing pictures that are posted online to view. If anyone would like to help with donations or joining the "Good OL BOYS HUNTING CLUB", let me know and I will put you in contact with them.

God Bless Our Troups


One of the pics attached is of the target that Commander Novalis shot, a 4 shot group with my LRB M25 @ 100 yards.

Another pic is of soldier Mark Thomas with his 6.5 year old 8 pt. buck that he shot using my rifle at 140 yards.

http://s654.photobucket.com/albums/uu261/GOBHuntClub/Veteran Hunt 2010/
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