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2004 SA M1A CQB

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I was recently able to aquire a spy photo of the new underwraps TOP SECRET M1A.


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Thanks for the picture!! 8O What type of break and front sight is that?

My question is... what's the reason/benefit to make a CQB M1A?

I prefer the full-length rifle myself, but a Bush size does have some appeal. Now to me, this short rifle just doesn't do anything for me. How about you guys?

I'd like to see the night time flame signature of that M1A. Personally, I'm a 22" barrel man myself. :wink:
Very interesting :!: I suppose the social environment in which it would be used would result in 1. A good solid hit. 2. If you missed they would still be crispy critters. 3. The Noise would certainly disable any uninterested 3rd parties! :eek:
I don't like it. The standard is what I prefer, and would even like a bush model one day, but there is something about this one I don't like. I would like to see one in person though, to make a real judgement on it, preferably on the range :D :D :wink: .
azski said:
My question is... what's the reason/benefit to make a CQB M1A?
Although I prefer the standard length barrel on a standard M-14 rifle, I do like the looks of a bush barrel on my M-14CM4 Tactical stock. I've been told that the bush barrel's 18" may be more accurate due to the projectile passing the gas port in the barrel prior to the gas cylinder cycling the rifle. I don't know for sure but in theory it sounds like it could be so. Anyone know of this for sure?
Knock Down Power? .308 vs .223 hit at close range?
Aloha 45R:

Thanks for sharing those pics with us... I know someone was asking a while back on where they could find pics of the front sight that was round like an HK.

Looks like they incorporated the gas cylinder lock, front sight and muzzle brake all into one. It is interesting that I don't see a normal gas cylinder plug... looks like they used something like on the M1 Garand.

It is certainly different. Looks to be a couple of inches shorter than the bush length.

As for application, I am sure that there are those who would like to have a short, faster handling M14 type rifle. There seems to already be a pretty good following with the Scout and Bush models... this one is like one step beyond...

Thanks again for sharing those pics...


Tom O.
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It reminds me of an Enfield Jungle carbine. I personally like it, and would want to try it out when it is released. I still have my 22" if I don't like it

I dont like the way it looks I like the full size.. I guess I could make a better judgement on the new CQB M1A if I fired it.
where's the bayo lug for the pre-ban guys?
I guess for some applications, but a 18" is way more practical, and is only an inch longer if you use one of the SA or Medisha screw-off muzzle brakes, or if you use a chopped f/h. I did the former, and think it is a better idea, but I do like the idea of the HK-style front sight. I hope they make one for the standard dovetail.....

-- cw
Hopefully it doesnt take 20 click of elevation like some of the scouts that I have played with to get it dailed in.
WOW that is a sweet rifle!!!
Those pics came from a guy over on the Battle Rifle forum, I did not know that they were of the new SA rifle. I’m curious about the front sight/brake, but not too crazy about new SA products. I’m really excited about the new Smith Enterprise products posted here by azski.

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Great pictures TB. Weather you love or hate that short barrel doesnt make no never mind too me. I want one for sure. Why, you ask 8O for only one reason. I dont have one :wink: :lol:
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