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2004 postal shoot final two teams have been picked....

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I've decided that due to the fact that there are only ten that there will be two teams of five....This way no-one gets left out. I have made the teams as close as humanely :wink: possible so don't shoot the judge.... save yer rounds for the targets.

Red Team

M1A Scoutguy

Blue Team


Now here's the deal.... everyone submits one plain paper target (8 1/2 X 11) with a quarter sized dot in the center. This can be hand drawn w/ a quarter and filling in the center.... :wink:

just kidding.... 8O please make a 3" center dot with the color of your choosing as long as it's 3"

Also please draw a single line from the corners forming an x to find center. It is crucial for the team competition that all targets are the same.

Total shots in target are 6 with the closest 5 to the center being counted. The sixth shot is for tiebreaking purposes if needed.

Targets must be postmarked by 15 September (this year :wink: ) no exceptions. You don't want to be the one responsible for your teams losing by not submitting your target on time.

Winning team will be picked by adding the total group sizes and dividing by five to come up with an average group size.

The prize for the winning team has not been decided on as yet but will be in addition to the ball cap that you've all qualified for at this point.

Shooters must use the same rifle that they shot for qualifications.
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Virtual match league

I don't have an M-1A, yet. I bought all the parts from Fulton at Perry. I've got a Krieger barrel lined up, and will order an LRB lugged reciever after the AWB sunsets (evidently there are some legal quirks, so pre-sunset stuff does not just become 'legal' after expiration, but then again, I got that from a non-lawyer type, so who knows). I'll buy a big red stock, and try my first ever bedding job on that. Count on me for next spring. Anyhow, on to the real subject.

Could we start a virtual monthly match? If we have the standard SR-1 target on line, and can rely on people's honesty in reporting scores, could we come up with a set of rules that would put everyone on an even footing at 100 yds? 6 shots offhand slow fire in 6 minutes, 5 count, no additional sighters (ie you show up at the range and shoot this target first - no fair shooting 3 targets and picking your best) is one possibility, though personally, I like 10 shots for record, as it makes your score out of 100. Getting to pick the best 10 out of 11 is also nice, it saves having to walk back down to your target and mark the sighter while other shooters are waiting to use the range.

Scores could be e-mailed to the moderator (not posted - that would create a mess of posts), and the moderator could post monthly score summaries. (Sorry about volunteering the moderator for more work).

If this were really popular, you could have an M-1A match, and a Garand match, though you could go crazy with varyations ...

After all, ther reason we surf this web site is that we enjoy shooting, not just talking about it.

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