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ShootingSight is please to offer a 20% off coupon for Memorial Day.

Home of the best 2-stage triggers available, all CNC machined from rolled plate tool steel, for metallurgy that is superior to cast parts. This steel selection will assure that sear edges are sharper for a cleaner break.

In addition, sear surfaces are lapped and NiB coated for wear resistant low friction performance that can be run dry and still feel smooth.

Offering triggers for:

- M14, adjustable for pull force and for second stage. Available in traditional trigger bow, or EBR curve, ideal for pistol grip stocks.
- SCAR 16/17 in either curved bow or straight bow models. Includes second stage adjustment to give match quality break.
- SIG-556
- Beretta ARX-100
- IWI Tavor and X-95

Coupon code: memorial
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