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Have a couple USGI stocks for sale that I've finished using teak oil and transtint stains.

Both have been wet sanded to 2000 grit and buffed with clear wax for satin sheen. Both stocks include handguards and all metals.

Pictured top to bottom:

1) H. Sacks & Sons (Springfield) Striped Birch: Some very good/excellent striping with excellent chatoyance. Depending on the angle you look at the stock, striping will be apparent or nearly transparent. Went with a combo of brown/red/amber stains on this one. Very good DAS and excellent 'P' on grip. Includes very good buttplate and excellent GI solid hand guard. was $145 now$115 SHIPPED SPF on different site.

2) H. Sacks & Sons Big Red Birch: Excellent condition Big Red. Couple small arsenal fills on the left side, each no bigger than a pencil eraser. No cracks or dings at all, aside from the fills the stock is nearly perfect. Excellent grain throughout, spotted, with rack number stamped onto bottom of grip. Went with a combo of red mahogany and tobacco brown stains on this one. was $100 now $90 SHIPPED

First "Ill take it", followed with the number gets it. Follow up with PM
I Ship USPS Priority and can usually ship out same day if it's early enough.
Paypal gift preferred, or regular payment +3%. Also will accept USPS Money Order.

Both stocks are cross posted. I will entertain offers, worse thing that can happen is that I say no.



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