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Greetings everyone, I am selling 2 pairs of SIG factory grips for the P229. I attempted to stipple one of the sets but was not pleased how it turned out (they are still able to be finished if you care to try your hand at it), it does not effect the grips function whatsoever. This is the important part, the stippled set will fit on both the DAO and SA/DA models the second set only fits DAO pistols and is in great shape. I found out the hard way when I botched the first set then ordered another and received the grips that were made for DAO pistols.

For $20 (paypal gift option) both sets will be shipped to your doorstep. I included photos below to better explain the difference. Thanks for Looking!

In this photo you see the difference in DAO and SA/DA grip panels, notice the grip on the right(DAO) has tab that is slightly longer than the one on the left(SA/DA)? That tab interferes with the decocking lever/spring on SA/DA pistols.
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