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2 more birds taken out of the rotation.........

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Two Navy jet fighters collided off the coast of North Carolina during a routine training mission on Thursday, sending four people to the hospital, officials said.

The Coast Guard said four people were recovered and have been rushed to a hospital. A Navy official said the crews were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. A Coast Guard helicopter was also on scene, about 20 to 30 miles off Cape Hatteras.


From the video, it looked like the crews got out OK... Thank goodness for that.

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Because the military brass wants 'weapons systems' that do many different things. And development costs are so high , so much invested ,they must buy them and make them work. Throwing good money after bad. So now were stuck with some over-priced turkeys that don't do anything well.

We used to have fighters , attack , recon , EW and other specialized aircraft. Carriers had A-4s , R/F-4s , A-6s , E/A-6Bs , A-7s , F-14s and F/A-18s. Throw in a squadron of S-3s , a couple E-2C's and some assorted helos and you had crowded hanger/flight decks and LOTS of different spare parts/logistics problems.

Now , there's basically the F/A-18s and Blackhawks filling multiple rolls.

I work in the military/aerospace field , and it's nothing but a big waste of time and resources. the R&D and approval process is so slow , by the time ya figure something out , or find a flaw , or request an approval for a modification or engineering change , the last round of paperwork hasn't gone thru the chain of approval yet. But production rarely stops , so you have to recall or undo/redo the ones ya know are wrong , and , , ,

, , , I'm getting a headache!
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The F-14 was a perfect example of the military demanding something stupid. The Navy demanded a swing-wing fighter , citing it's space saving advantages for parking/storage on aircraft carriers. But the Tomcat was still a HUGE aircraft for a fighter. It's overly complicated systems required hundreds of maintence hours for relatively few actual flight hours. Not to forget many crashed aircrafts and killed crews. When first introduced , the early Hornets were a lower cost 2nd teir supplement. The current Super Hornet is an incredible aircraft and the "Growler" EW version is a good replacement for the old EA-6G Prowler.

Surely the Hornet , F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon have proven effective and given the quality of training and skill of US pilots. Given a few upgrades , I doubt many other countries can pose a threat.
Propaganda designed to push approval and purchase of the F-22 and F-35.

And I doubt the Russian press would post anything less than stellar reviews of their latest warbird.
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