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2 more birds taken out of the rotation.........

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Two Navy jet fighters collided off the coast of North Carolina during a routine training mission on Thursday, sending four people to the hospital, officials said.

The Coast Guard said four people were recovered and have been rushed to a hospital. A Navy official said the crews were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. A Coast Guard helicopter was also on scene, about 20 to 30 miles off Cape Hatteras.


From the video, it looked like the crews got out OK... Thank goodness for that.

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Just for discussion may I ask ,
What is the cure to the ever increasing cost and smaller and smaller amounts of combat ready aircraft the US inventory?
We keep getting more and more features and less & less "ready to fly" air planes.
What's the answer?
What about something built along the lines of a modular F5 for a capable budget fighter ,
& an updated A10 for ground support that could handle the lions share of missions built for pilot safety, can soak up damage and still fly , packs a serious punch , can fly low and slow,
ease of use ,attrition prevention ,maintenance friendly .
While I agree we need front line fighters to push the technology ,
Why do All our fighters have to be mega buck do all machines that cost too much to fly and maintain to stay proficient ?

Didn't McNamara's BS teach us anything?
One thing can't do it all , and by trying to, usually does nothing well
The term "pork barrel" comes to mind when reading your post.

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