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2 more birds taken out of the rotation.........

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Two Navy jet fighters collided off the coast of North Carolina during a routine training mission on Thursday, sending four people to the hospital, officials said.

The Coast Guard said four people were recovered and have been rushed to a hospital. A Navy official said the crews were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. A Coast Guard helicopter was also on scene, about 20 to 30 miles off Cape Hatteras.


From the video, it looked like the crews got out OK... Thank goodness for that.

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We should definitely find a fighter that would be more economical to produce, and then crank them out by the hundreds or thousands. After all, was it not V I Lenin who once said, "QUANTITY has a quality all it's own"?
Perhaps American Colleges should begin offering Engineering classes on how to produce "simple yet effective" products. They could bring in an AK as an example for the students.... LOL

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