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2 more birds taken out of the rotation.........

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Two Navy jet fighters collided off the coast of North Carolina during a routine training mission on Thursday, sending four people to the hospital, officials said.

The Coast Guard said four people were recovered and have been rushed to a hospital. A Navy official said the crews were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. A Coast Guard helicopter was also on scene, about 20 to 30 miles off Cape Hatteras.


From the video, it looked like the crews got out OK... Thank goodness for that.

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At this rate will be down to the reno air racers and FiFi,..... That out house F35 still in the chocks, F22 ...got what 100 of them in inventory so far...... Formation flying seems to always end badly in the new Military air wing...only been doing to for 90 years.
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Ray its all about the $$$$, the tax payer ( a small breed today) pays and pays while Lobbyists and Ret Senior Military push congress for more hi tech junk. We DO NOT NEED all this crap...electronics has taken over to a point the airframe is simply a platform to house all the computers....it need not be aerobatic dog fighting is gone, not super fast, hypersonic weapons have this covered, so the fighter of tomorrow (and today) needs to be unmanned, AI weapon thats reliable. The Russians for all the technology they have keep weapons dependable, rugged, and a lot of them. This is not to say their AC are vacuum tube junk....Russian aerospace is on or ahead of our technology. Every AC must be able to fly off a field, and quickly serviced to go attack again. The only thing the F35 services is the poor tax payers on that almost trillion dollar joke.
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Very good Hoosier.... About 35 ( reviewed it in my mind wow 38 years where did time go) years ago a Mig 25 (A Mystery machine at the time) was had at the peak of the cold war,CiA and Military looked it over and was flown for testing out at a base in Nevada. I had a opportunity to look it over myself a month after arrival....all the bug a boo stuff, separate hanger, 4 AF Police on hand 24/7. The group I was with was bad mouthing the AC to senior officers, Poor construction, too many stores pylons, etc. After looking it over I was actually impressed with the Mig. Although machine work, fit and finish were fair it was rugged and was designed with one thing in mind....KILLING BOMERS AND FIGHTERS and it was serviceable (that was my job to eval its field operation and support) What was a BIG surprise to USAF was the Avionics and weapons... as good as the new f 15 (then). Some of it was a copy of our systems.... stolen and reverse engineered to a point then they advanced the design to improve it, some things were organic Russian design quite good. The Performance envelope was off the chart for climb and top speed, fuel burn, turn Radius, overall flt controls were poor to fair...ie...it was NOT a dog fighter but a weapons platform that allowed its radar and missiles do the work. They figured all this out during WW2....AC that were relative simple and rugged flown out of fields, as easy as possible to fix and arm, and build a bunch of them. This new Generation of USA AC have more to do with government jobs programs making a Corporation Billions then building a high tech fighter....its like free cheese, section 8 housing or a o-bummer phone except its more expensive and goes faster.
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That is Most likely Stalin...some dispute it.... I don't. In the Great Patriotic War Quantity was everything...many a shop manager dragged out and shot for taking extra things for themselves or missing production marks...if front of the factory...great incentive to work 20 hr days Moy-Tavarish.
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Updated F 14 with AI...with or without pilot...again you dual at 100+miles today no need for all the whiz bang crap. Advanced and upgradable Avionics it the ticked today. Here is a 19Mile shoot 1989 down ....OLD TECHNOLOGY weapon system, today 100+ mile easy....so do we need tilt engines and a Trillion dollar jet?..the airframe is only the box that gets you near...the weapon systems do the work at 3000mph.[ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e3Fu2zeido[/ame]
I doubt many other countries can pose a threat. Don't look now but Moscow is producing a better fighter as I write.... don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Western media on Russia’s Su-35S fighter jet: “excellent and dangerous”
The redeployment of advanced Su-35S warplanes to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria evoked the interest of both Russian press and some foreign media. Specifically, this event was mentioned by the German magazine Stern and the US media such as The National Interest and The Washington Times.
As Germany’s Stern noted, Russia’s Su-35S is considered as the most dangerous fighter jet in the world today, without taking into account the US fifth-generation warplane F-22.
According to Stern, the Su-35S is characterized by its high maneuverability, is equipped with the newest Irbis radar and operates improved engines. The fighter jet features new-generation technology but at the same is relatively cheap compared to the most advanced western rivals. Stern expects the Su-35S fighter aircraft to fetch demand on the world armament market.

They are Building a step 2 version that will match the F22...and they will build a lot of them...quickly.

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Without question stolen engineering early on...even today, if given a chance they will take it. Our own Jet engine and rocket programs came from the Germans along with swept wing technology...so in some ways we are no better. Russian Engine advancements might surprise you...their into advanced coated technology, do a great job with electronics again they design it , or take (steal) l a design and refine it. I too have seen and worked on Soviet era engines that were easy to service but did not have the hot or cold section life cycles like its counter part in the US. They just hang another engine without much thought of cost because the cost to build is low. I would reming you half of out satellite and manned flights the past 15 years have been Russian, why, because they have the ability to build them...we no longer do. Space X is the only bright spot for US space Program. Is Russia the end all..NO...but to think as Hitler did they are backward pack of vodka drunks is way to stereotypical...NEVER...NEVER underestimate the Russians.
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