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You all are sick of me by now but my upper receiver arrived from LRB today. A black rifle is born!

It will be a 16" carbine for range work with iron sights and SHTF (in theory).

First off - thanks to you guys who helped me figure out what components to choose. I really appreciate the advice, even when I ended up going a different direction.

Here's what I settled on:

LRB upper and lower receivers

from White Oak Armament
- 16" stainless steel barrel w/ mid-length gas system 1:7 twist & lo profile gas block
- complete bolt carrier assembly including headspaced bolt
- gas tube, lower parts kit, upper parts kit, A2 flash hider

These are the other major components that I ordered today:

Giesselle 2-stage SSA trigger group
BCM medium charging handle
YHM "customizable" rilfe length (12") handguard
YMH A2 style fixed rear sight
Troy HK style fixed, forend mounted front sight
Magpul MIAD pistol grip
Magpul curved trigger guard
Magpul AFG2 angled handstop/foregrip
Magpul ACS-L buttstock
Vltor A5 receiver extension tube, buffer & spring (new buffer assembly)
V-TAC quick adjust sling
Double Star 5-slot 45 degree angled rail
JP Enterprises J Point red dot sight

The idea is that the iron sights will be my primaries with the red dot mounted at 45 degrees to the right for quick shots. I'll just have to play with it to figure out whether this setup makes any sense. (Zediker suggested it BTW)

My orders today also included roll pin punches and other assorted tools for the build, plus 100 Hornady 52gr cartridges, RCBS X-Die for sizing and a Forster seating die. I'm going to start reloading with the once-fired Hornady brass and small batches of bullets bought locally so that I can figure out what the rifle likes best at 100 yards.

I promise that photos of the build will follow.

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Cool I cant wait to see it finished glad you went with the GA rear sight. Which one did you get? I remember when I bought my first one they only made 2 now they make something like 10 different ones. Congrats!! My barrel should be arriving in a week or so.

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I too just kicked off my first AR build with a lower yesterday.

Glad you went with quality sights as well. I've seen three of the Magpul BUIS come in already that fell apart after some average use. Not a part that you would want to be plastic.

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I'm about there for pulling the trigger on a new DI carbine myself.

BCM 16" lightweight middie (with a FSB, M16 BCG, etc.)
VTAC TRX Extreme or Alpha Rail
H3 buffer
TangoDown grips front (Stubby) and rear (Battlegrip)
Surefire X300 Ultra (once available. Until then, making due with my pitiful little 170
lumen standard X300)
Unknown buttstock (either a Magpul STR, ACS-L, or I'll go full retard for a UBR).

To which I'll add my Aimpoint Micro T-1 on a Larue mount, a Troy folding rear and a VTAC padded sling.

Trying to keep the weight down more than anything. The only thing holding me back is the idea of getting a SBR with a Daniel Defense RIS II...man, that thing looks nice.
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