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1st attempt at stock refinishing

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Thanks to Quagmire at br.com for hosting the pics
Birch stock off of my 9103 began life an ugly mottled brown . stripped and given 10 coats of tung oil ( low gloss formbys ) A little concerned about the crack at the selector but couldnt see it until after i stripped it. Any opinions welcome. stripped with hd furniture stripper ( didnt work that well ) 2nd attempt wth easyoff ( took everything off after 2nd application ) , 0000 steel wool and acetone wash wipe down with mineral spirits and 5 coats formbys low gloss tung oil , buffed with wool in between . 5 more coats hand rubbed with terry towel . some deep spotty stains remain ( freckles ) wood did appear grey at first but wool and acetone worked .

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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