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1st AR-15 build??

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Ok guys, I just picked up 2 LRB stripped lowers to try my hand a building. I've been looking some tools that are needed and was curious...I see a few different lower vise blocks ranging in price from a few dollars to around $50. Are there really any differences between them? Are there any I should stay away from?
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Buddy uses an old junk Thermold mag clamped in his vise. Seemed like a great idea to me. Just there to hold it really, while you fiddle with other stuff. Its the upper that you really need to concern yourself with. Really its the upper you need tools for too.

For giggles, I assembled my last lower with a flat tip screwdriver (tip used to hold things where I wanted them, like detent pins. Handle used as mallet), a #0 Phillips screwdriver (as a punch to drive roll pins) a Faspin from the LWR Cabin door step off a CH-47 GI1 (fits the holes for takedown pins perfectly) and a spanner wrench for the stock castle nut. As pictured. More than one way to skin the cat. GI2
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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