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1st AR-15 build??

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Ok guys, I just picked up 2 LRB stripped lowers to try my hand a building. I've been looking some tools that are needed and was curious...I see a few different lower vise blocks ranging in price from a few dollars to around $50. Are there really any differences between them? Are there any I should stay away from?
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I use both the lower and upper blocks. The lower helps when putting the roll pins in.

The clamp style upper can leave marks on the stripped upper. The one with pins won't. The marks are not a big deal in my opinion but I can see them...

They are cheap. If you plan to build ar's might as well have them.

Ebay is a good source too.

Get a bench vise if you don't have one maybe 4in. And a set of punches, brass hammer.

Tip... Wrap the lower in something (elec tape, ace wrap, coban <best) to protect it when putting in the bolt release roll pin. Hardest one to place and easiest to scratch up your lower. Take your time.
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