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1st AR-15 build??

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Ok guys, I just picked up 2 LRB stripped lowers to try my hand a building. I've been looking some tools that are needed and was curious...I see a few different lower vise blocks ranging in price from a few dollars to around $50. Are there really any differences between them? Are there any I should stay away from?
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The new Magpul Bev Block is pretty cool for a lower block. It also will work for an upper block as well. About $50. Reviews are good, I have not tried one but its on my short list.
In the meantime I took an old colt 20rd mag that was bad, inserted and screwed a piece of 1x2 into the base of the mag and have been using that for years. The wood hangs below the bottom of the mag, just clamp it into the bench vise and you're good to go.
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