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1943 SA Garand

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Just received the April 1943 SA Garand that I'd purchased from a board member across the street. It's a beauty, & exactly as described.

It appears to have been armory refinished at some point, but there are no markings on the receiver legs or stock to indicate when or where. The finish is a nice dark gray/green and the receiver has the lead dipped heel, which I really like.

The stock is a nice dark red/brown walnut. If you look closely on the left side of the stock, you can see the remains of the ordnance wheel & the SA stamp. Not really enough there to make it worth anything (I don't think, anyways), but you can at least see where the stamps where at one point.

No time to take pictures this evening, but I'll try to get some up after I get it cleaned up & ready to go. In the meantime, here are a few that were in the seller's ad:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

I've field stripped the rifle & looked it over a bit & it's in good shape. The right ear on the front sight is bent slightly & I think the op rod spring could stand replacing, but that's about it. The barrel is dated 8-47 & the muzzel gauges a hair below 1 on my gauge. Don't have access to a TE gauge this evening, should tomorrow though.
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Very nice, love those lock bars! Looking forward to your detailed pics and some details on revision numbers.

"QUAQMIRE" would you possibly send some pics to the e-mail address below as I'd love to see your M1 Garand ... is it 30-06 or .308 calibre? ... as I live where our internet is brought in thru Satelite feed ... and for some damn reason I cannot open pics on this site lately ... just the other day I could view "DigHawaii's" pics of his Garand ... now I cannot ... so if you wouldn't mind e-mailing?

[email protected]

Thank you,

Otokiak ... 8)
Rankin Inlet, NU
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