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These parts are from 1911 pistols and I have no use for them and little knowledge other than to be able to ID from a schematic.

1 ea Recoil spring guide- finish wear
1 ea Barrel bushing- blued, finish wear on internal
2 ea Plugs- checkered ends and parkerized with some finish wear
1 ea Grip safety- I think its semi duckbill? smooth on top theres a N on the side
2 ea Mainspring housing ARCHED 1 parked w/ a some finish wear 1 s/s
1 ea Mainspring housing FLAT and checkered aluminum
No rusty parts or damage I see.
$55 shipped **NOW $40 SHIPPED**for the lot anywhere USA. USPS mo only please
I'll take it in the post with a PM followup. Thanks...........
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