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18" vs 18-1/2" barrels ??????

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Im looking to build a "scout" , "tanker" , "bush" rifle. Im planning to utilize a Smith Enterprise gas lock with dovetail for USGI type front sight. I was planning to use an LRB (Criterion) 18" barrel.

In looking at the description of the SEI gas lock/front sight, it mentions using it with 18-1/2" barrels. Will it work with the 18" barrel from LRB??

Also, regarding non USGI gas cylinders, would you prefer LRB or SEI? thanks
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I think you have the lengths switched but the GLFS will work with either barrel length fine.

As for the cylinders... most can't find a difference in the two cylinders so I assume either is fine.
It's probably not a real concern, but I prefer SEIs EDM cut parts to standard castings and forgings. Just my opinion though, both work fine.
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