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Here is my unsolicited feedback to Ripsaw's question to the OP on another thread.

Please post findings about the 155 Palmas when you get time. I am doing a similar study on them and would like feedback and something to compare to. I am concentrating on between 300 to 600 yards for accuracy from prone position primarily.
I had the opportunity to do a rough single string ladder test suing the155 and 135 SMKs after I got done hunting. Since the intended use of the load is for short range, 200-300, I am not looking for bench rest type groups, my main concern is to find the sweet spot for the bullet/powder so I can crank the ammo on the Dillon 650.

I acquired the rifle all done up for a fellow from Houston by Derrick Martin years ago.

Range: 300 yards
Receiver: SAI double lug S/N 42xx
Barrel: Krieger
Scope: 5.5x22x56
Powder: Surplus 4895, slow burn rate similar to 4064 according to J Bartlett
Primer: CCI34
Brass: Once fired LC Match '72, resized to + 2 on the RCBS cartridge gauge, trimmed to 2.00, flash holes de-burred, primer pockets reamed.
COL: 2.77, copied from Sierra Manual

The target has 1 inch grid, point of aim are the two bottom diamonds. In my other rifle, a single lug variety that is being re-barreled, my short line ammo is incidently 44 grains of IMR 4064 and 135 Berger FB. With this rifle, shot #9, 44 grains on the ladder of slow surplus powder, centers the cluster for the 135 SMK. For the 155s I am using 43 grains, shot#7 on this ladder. As you can see the charges chosen are the middle charge which gives me +/- .5 grains window. Do not have chrono data yet. The grouping is not bad either, the 155s from 40 grains to 44.5 grains for the ladder is about a MOA group. The high power short range X ring is 3 inches for reference.

Found the pictures taken on the day the ladder test was done. The scope has been removed and target replaced with SR3 for prone practice>

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