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I don't know if this is the right section, but I'll try. I live near Hammond, La. I would like to try some long range shooting. Out to 1000 yards. Best I can get in my back yard is 250-300 yards. Does anyone have a place that a guy can shoot that distance that I can drive to? Maybe 600? I have shot at 300 yards, simulated 600 with half size targets. Did pretty good and tied for first. It is a long shot. No pun intended. Figured I'd try here.

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am having the same issue out here in So CA Desert

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Pascagoula Shooting Club, Pascagoula, MS


It would be a 2hr drive for you, require membership and the duties therein, and training to access the North Range (600-1000 yards).

C: North Range:

(1). The North range is primarily used for PCS-sponsored competitions and events;

(2). Members may gain full access to use of the North range through a structured process including:

(a). Safety training;

(b). Equipment training;

(c). Basic long-range qualification.

(3). Regularly-scheduled long-range training sessions including the above process shall be provided by the PSC;

(4). Members who successfully complete the required training shall be issued agate key and a membership card identifying them as having privileges on the North range;

(5). Range equipment along the 600 yard and 1000 yard lanes (number boards, flagpoles, etc.) shall not be targeted;

(6). Targets shall not be placed on or near the Rim fire Silhouette or Black Powder steel targets/frames;

(7). Targets shall not be placed directly on the grass surface of the 200 yard and 300 yard firing positions;

(8). Targets shall not be placed on the 600 or 1000 yard backstops;
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