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Hi All,

Just got back from shooting two 600 yard 20 shot relays in the 100 shot regional that's happening this weekend in Byers, CO. I did pretty well considering, so as long as my Offhand and rapid scores tomorrow keep pace, I should do pretty well.

Match 1 - 181-3x
Match 2 - 172-2x

I did get a few 7's and one six that I am not proud of (didn't notice the wind reversed direction), but all in all, I also put up my fair share of 9's and 10's so I am generally pleased with how my 600 yard scores are improving overall. 181 isn't my best ever, but it's one of my top 3 scores so given that I seem to have finally broken out of the 160's for 20 shots, I am happy about that.

Anyone else have any match results to post?


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Good job! Thats a great feeling when you break out of a rut. There has been so many times that I could not get my act together for one position or another. Every single time I have improved scores was due to me fixing something wrong with me, not the rifle or ammo.

I just broke out of a slump so to speak. I finally came to realize that I needed prescription glasses. Ever since I have been using the new Rx shooting glasses, everything is better. I mean everything, including my confidence and attitude.

Yesteday I fired my 1903A3 and my Garand in a 30 round fun match. All 200 yards on the SR target.

1903A3 Score 263 -4X

Offhand 89 -1X
Prone Rapid 78 -0X (Last round fired missed, too slow)
Prone Slow 96 -3X

Garand Score 274 -7X

Offhand 91 -3X
Prone Rapid 84 -0X (10 ring sized group at 6 oclock betewwn 8 and 9 ring)
Prone Slow 99 -4X
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