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03 ftf

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I have a CMP 1903 Springfield.
I received it with an S stock all milled parts and checkered buttplate.
Bluing is 90%+ and bore is perfect.

It is the most accurate rifle I own and shoots better than I do.
I have experienced repeated failures to fire with different batches of surplus HXP ammo which fires in my CMP Garand without a problem.

The primer is indented when attempted to fire.
I have stripped and cleaned the bolt and found nothing apparently faulty and tried again without sucess.

Should I routinely replace the striker ( firing pin )?
Is there something else to look for?
With respect,
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Does the firing pin protrude adequately from the face of the bolt and not look worn down? Your problem is likely that 65 year old firing pin spring.

And post some pics of that '03 Springfield. Great rifles.GI1
i agree with the above, check the pin protrusion, and put a new firing pin spring in it.
+1 for Change the striker and spring..or at least double check striker protrusion and make sure the area around it is clean and the old striker is still formed correctly.

This will tide everyone over till you post your pix:

1918 Springfield HN 1903A1, re-barreled with Springfield Barrel in '42.
NOS Springfield stock to replace dungy Greek "C" stock. I tracked it to within a few numbers of a Marine Unit in the Pacific in WW-II. If only they could talk. Also, still a great shooter.
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