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On the 03 virtually every part was milled. The 03A3 had many short cuts in manufacturing to reduce the amout of time to produce a rifle. Stamped parts included Trigger guard, follower, front band, butt plate, stacking swivel, rear band and sling swivels. Barrels no longer had sight bases mounted on them, the sights were mounted on the rear of the receiver. 2 groove barrels were used on some models. Finger grooves were eliminated from the stocks. Bolt bodies were under cut.

03's were made by Springfield, Rock Island and Remington. 03A3's were made by Remington and Smith Carona. Some modified parts started showing up on Remington 03's around July 1942.

When the price of 03's and 03A3's started going out of sight and good examples started drying up I turned my attention to other Martial Arms.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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