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  1. Death-inspiriation-advice

    The Geedunk
    Hey guys-last week we lost another wwii army vet He was a highly decorated service member who was remembered by his friends and family as the most humble dedicated and hard working man they had ever known. He was 96 and happy to go home to his creator. He also happened to be my grandpa. At...
  2. Dieppe Raid Aug 19, 1942

    The Geedunk
    I'm at least a day late with this one, but the first allied landing in occupied France started and ended 70 years ago. It was a poorly planned and even worse supported operation that resulted in the death or capture of the largely Canadian landing force. I don't know how widely known the story...
  3. Georgia Public TV WWII Oral History Interview with Hook Boutin

    Your War
    Gentlemen: Knowing a bit of Gerald "Hook" Boutin's Military Background from talking with him, I decided to Google him and found this link: http://www.gpb.org/wwii/gerald-boutin It is a 45+ minute video shot in 2007, and I found it well worth the effort to watch. For those of you not...