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  1. Pairs of M1907 leather 1 1/4" slings, $50--cutting my inventory down!

    Inventory reduction was pretty successful and the sale is over for now. It's been about four months, so I guess this might be called "spring cleaning". That would be as opposed to "winter bail out"... Going to dispose of some extra slings that are becoming an inventory/space problem at the...
  2. Japanese WW2 officer's sword KATANA

    THIS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SOLD! OOOPS. See the comment below from a former collector. My impressions of this seem to be incorrect!! If this doesn't happen, well... This seemed not to be a hand-made blade by any stretch. However, it is probably a re-fitted ancestral (OLD)...
  3. For Sale: (*REDUCED*) '42 m1 Garand Springfield Armory

    Item Description: I am having to sell my M1, looking to send to a good home. Asking $1050 Obo I am willing to ship or travel in the local area, up to a reasonable distance. ***REDUCED PRICE*** $950 Here is what we've got... All parts are World War 2 and all Springfield Armory except the stock...
  4. Unknown WWII Patch

    Military History
    Hi, I just got a few photos of my great grandpa in his WWII army uniform and there is a patch on his shoulder that I can't identify. It's two hollow squares that are diagonal from each other and overlap themselves on the closest corner. They appear to be white but being a black and white photo...