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  1. BX
    I have for sale a very nice looking used commercial M1 Carbine stock in very good condition. It is light colored (medium dark blonde) with a hard plastic butt plate and blued steel ventilated Hand guard. It has a few handling marks and appears to have lightly used. No scratches dings or dents...
  2. PX
    Moved as requested.
  3. SPF
    Selling this highly figured birch tiger stripe stock so I can get a new one to work on. It was finished with teak oil wet-sanded up to 2000 grit for a mirror-like finish that moves and changes depending on the angle and lighting. A few coats of Howards Feed-n-Wax finished it off for a sealing...
  4. PX
    I'm selling my 1997 M1A loaded stainless NM barrel w/ McMillain stock I put no more than 50 rounds down the pipe. I purchased it used so dont have round count other than what i have shot. Its clean and in good working order. I got it with one mag and purchased 4- 15 round CMI mags(never...