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  1. WTB: BM59 barrel

    Want To Buy
    Looking for an authentic ITAL barrel or one of the Citadel barrels that SARCO has peddled in the last couple years. Looking to spend $200 or less but everything is negotiable. Note that I'm not interested in a barrel for the "E" model BM-59. Thanks!
  2. WTB Delta-P M1A Socom Thread Adapter. (CA)

    Want To Buy
    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Delta-P Socom 16 Thread Adapter. I am looking to spend $125-$155. If possible. Adapter Thank you!
  3. Want To Buy: Sage Telescoping Stock... $100?...

    Want To Buy
    Does anyone have a loose Sage telescoping stock for the Sage chassis? My EBR has the AR style and I’d love the telescoping stock for it.
  4. Want To Buy: Sage MOD 0 chassis

    Want To Buy
    Found a chassis. Thanks! Eric
  5. Want To Buy: Leather Sling

    Want To Buy
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a good leather sling to finish my rifle as I just got a TRW stock off of a gentleman here. 55 is the most I can do, I would prefer a used turner or similar sling, but I am still getting my bearings going on M1A and its accessories so I am not sure if that is out of...
  6. Want To Buy: WTB M14 slotted handguard and H&R stock

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, I'm getting together some last parts I need for a beautiful all H&R build. I am looking for a nice vented handguard with no cracks and minimal scratches. I also need a nice H&R stock, preferably walnut. Please send PMs with pictures. Thank you! Lock and Load Steven
  7. New shooter, looking for USGI M14/M1A or parts

    The M14
    Greetings. I would welcome leads on USGI equipment: rifles, or parts. I would like to buy or build a match-quality M14/M1A, although not restricted to the CMP regs. Testimonials for your preferred M14 armorers and M1A gunsmiths is also welcome, as is guidance based upon your own lessons...