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  1. Stock
    Hello Everyone, I have a CMP special grade M1 garand with a new Boyds walnut stock. I didnt like the stain they put on it so I am in the end stages of refinishing it. I got it stripped all they way down, sanded it, put 2 liberal coats of a 50/50 mix of pure tung oil and mineral spirits...
  2. BX
    Hey Guys, Looking to sell or possibly trade this new CMP stock set that came with my HRA special. I took it off my rifle as soon as I received it. It fits Very Very tight on my action. I took many pictures in the shade and in the sun so you can see that it is in great shape. I have lots of...
  3. PX
    Hey All, SOLD Pics.... SOLD. -Stick
  4. PX
    SOLD For Sale: 1 Walnut M1A/M14 rifle stock. This stock comes off a Springfield Armory M1A NM. If has one circled (P) mark on the grip but is void of any other marking. The stock has the selector cut out in the rear as well as the following cut that extends to about where the charging handle...
1-4 of 5 Results