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  1. M1A Scout shooting high - even with RS and scope bottomed out. Help!

    The M14
    Hi all; My new walnut M1A Scout is shooting high by almost a foot at 100yds. Tried at 50yds before my friend brought his spotting scope and it wasn't even on paper. All shooting done at benchrest with a sandbag for support. Rear sight is bottomed out, as is the elevation on my...
  2. SPF 2 "Freds" As New Walnut USGI stocks

    Been away from the forums for a while. Good to be back. Cleared out the safe to move it to epoxy coat the safe room floor and realized how much I missed shooting my M14's. Got all fired up to do the next build. Well, I planned on using one of these on an M21 build. I didn't realize that you...
  3. NIB M1A standard.

    New Member Introductions
    My name is Byron, and I have wanted an M1/M14 ever since I was a kid. carrying the M14 in Iraq was kind of a dream come true for me. But the company choosing to part with them was a bit of a bummer upon redeployment. Bought one of my own though. Problem solved. I'm already working on making it...
  4. Walnut stock with "sap wood" ??

    I am trying to refinish a SA M1A1 walnut stock. I sanded down the original dark flat finish to bare wood. I applied a mixture of 50/50 BLO and mineral spirits. Upon completing that, most of the stock looked great. However, a portion of the stock was significantly lighter than the rest...