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  1. VLTOR M1A Modstock system

    I've had this setup for a while and never used the stock itself other than mounting the action into it. Its new for all practical purposes. The hand guard on the other hand is used and was used on my rifle for a while but is in good working condition and has all the hardware and attachments...
  2. For Sale: VLTOR IMP MOD STOCK w/ HandGuard

    LNIB VLTOR Improved Mod Stock with upper hand guard. Foliage Green/ OD Green, depends on who you ask. I literally installed this chassis on my rifle and decided it was not my thing. Buyer to pay actual shipping. $600.00 plus shipping ( Georgia Members North west possible FF) would be willing to...
  3. For Sale: MI T series 10" quad rail and MILSPEC VLTOR EMOD butstock

    $60 for the rail. See it here: https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=219 It was used on my primary so it is seriously used, hence the price (less than half of a new one). It was painted with cheapo krylon after I wore some nice scuffs in it from...
  4. M1A/M14 Vltor Modstock W/Magpul Stocks

    SOLD RARE Foliage Green Vltor M1S M14 Stock System Originally came with CTR stock, added STR stock, comes with BOTH and has added bipod mount point that wasn't originally included and Vltor Fast Attach sling mount as well RETAIL PRICE: 514.95 + Additional Magpul stock at 99.99 + Sling mount...
  5. new stock

    Modern M14
    hey dudes Its been some time but. What do yall think? Any suggestions? Just waiting for a Eotech.
  6. Stock switcharoo, is there anything I should know before I proceed?

    The M14
    Okay, so I have a m1a Standard in a Vltor modstock with basset mount. I plan on getting the vltor rail soon to complete the look. Well, I honestly would like a shorter barrel so this is my plan. I am going to buy a 18" scout rifle. , very similar to this one. Then take it out and give...
  7. For Sale: Vltor SOCOM II Cluster rail. REDUCED

    looking for 275$ shipped. Has all hardware for mounting. Perfect condition. PM me if interested. Accept Pay Pal. Reduced to 250$ o.b.o shipped. Make an offer! Standard length cluster rail.
  8. Socom 2 with Extended rail cluster question

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Newbie here with a quick question. I manage the gun counter at a local gun club and was recently given the opportunity to purchase a new Socom 2 with extended rail cluster direct from Springfield at a serious discount. I must admit that this is the first M1A I have ever owned, most of my...
  9. Want To Buy: VLTOR Quad Rail - Socom II

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for the VLTOR Quad Rail that comes standard on a Socom II. I have a Socom 16 currently. Thanks. Located in NC.
  10. Mount a Leopold mark 4 CQ/T on SOCOM II

    Devine M1A
    I have a SOCOM II w/o the extended rail with a Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T mounted and would like to find a rail extension that will allow me to move the scope back w/o having to replace the entire VLTOR rail that came with the gun. Any suggestions?
  11. Sage EBR vltor cluster rail help

    Modern M14
    Hey all thanks for reading. Whenever I have a question 90% of my google searches lands me here so hopefully someone can have some suggestions. On other threads I was reading about the sage op rod guide and people making it fit into their original stocks. I can do the same, but the problem I'm...
  12. For Sale: VLTOR Quad Rail $200

    VLTOR quad rail from Springfield Socom II. In great condition, removed when I dropped the rifle into a Sage EBR stock. Was told by VLTOR that this rail will fit SA Scout and all other SA M1A's. $200 shipped or will consider any trade of equal value.
  13. Questions about modstocks,vltor and otherwise

    Modern M14
    Hey guys, Ive been looking for a new setup for my m1a socom 2. Ive seen a bunch of stuff on the internet and cannot seem to clarify on what is what. Im looking for pretty much a whole stock with extendable butt stock and pistol grip. have seen alot of stuff for around $400-$600, but cannot seem...
  14. Vltor Modstock, Cluster rail, Troy Battlerail, Complete Rear Sight, 30mm rings

    Looking for PayPal (discrete gift or +3%) or money order Barely used Black Vltor Modstock. $400 Shipped SPF Two small marks under the front band that don't show when mounted. Great condition, and a great stock. I just decided to go with the Troy MCS instead. Additional Images The marks on...
  15. Rail system for M1A Scout?

    Modern M14
    Hey guys, I am new to this forum (first post) and have a couple questions regarding a rail system for my M1A. I picked up a SAI M1A Scout a few months ago and have been wanting to put a nice rail system on it. At first I was looking into the Troy M14 battlerail (I have a TRX 11 on my Spikes mid...
  16. For Sale: Reduced!!! Vltor cluster rail, larue lt-608 mount, rear sight assembly

    Looking for PayPal (discrete gift or +4%) or money order Vltor cluster rail $260 Now $230shipped Recently taken off a Socom II, solid and accurate. Held 1-1.5 moa groups with the larue and a scope. There are some minor marks from mounted accessories, but nothing that will affect function...
  17. Will a SOCOM II quad rail cluster fit a standard M1A?

    Modern M14
    If someone were to remove the front sling swivel, would a SOCOM II quad rail cluster fit on a standard M1A with a standard or medium barrel? Let me know.
  18. Will a SOCOM II quad rail install on a SOCOM 16?

    Modern M14
    Folks, Will a SOCOM II quad rail install on a SOCOM 16? I don't know if the side of the SOCOM 16 is drilled and tapped in the right places on the side of the receiver. Let me know.