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  1. M14 EBR: 5 Years of Ownership (VIDEO)

    Modern M14
    Hello everyone, I have finished a video that I made regarding a few common questions from this forum as well as any information that I thought was helpful for new buyers and owners alike. The original forum post is linked...
  2. New EBR shooting video

    The M14
    Hello everyone! After a long break from taking my camera to the range I decided to make a video last weekend. It's nothing special, just some first person views from my GoPro and then some side shots from my Canon Rebel. BE WARNED: I had just bought active ear pro that Monday and was so...
  3. She may be fat, but can she move? (EBR)

    Modern M14
    So basically I want to know how you guys have your EBR set up and how you run it. Are you a bench shooter or a shoot & scoot type person like myself? Yeah it's a heavy platform for shooting on the move but over the past year and a half of ownership that's exactly how I've used it and I've...