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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, As my user name suggests, the depth of my background and familiarity with service rifles is mainly centered on the M16A4. I write this a few days before Christmas, 2022, and I'm reflecting on a conversation I recently had with a dear friend I served with. Last week we were working...
  2. Marines
    I want to join the Marines but am a very private and shy guy and my friend in the Marines there is no privacy you would have to shower and change in front of other guys and do naked group physical and medical exams. I think this is embarrassing but he said there is no need for privacy bc we are...
  3. Marines
    My unit recently conducted a ruck up the infamous Reaper aboard Camp Pendleton. I've got a channel that I use to document my experiences. Hope y'all enjoy!
  4. Marines
    So this past Thursday (12-04-2014) afternoon I met and spoke with one Andrew McClean (age 94). A man of great intellect, and of pure heart, he was golden soul through and through. I had meet him after his son telephoned 911 to report his father's telephone line disconnected mid-conversation...
1-4 of 5 Results