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  1. Pseudo-A5

    I’ve spent years looking at and admiring M14s through my work. I’ve handled, shot, sold, and appreciated countless military instruments like the T44, IMI/M21 colab, and ARMY used M21A5. But it wasn’t until recently I grew to truly respect and fall in love with the M14 platform. That being said...
  2. Vendor Deals
    For a limited time M14EBR.US will pay the shipping and handling fee. Offer expires without notice ~ order your shoes TODAY. $69.00 each - click on the SHOE SALE picture.
  3. LRB Arms
    FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI. In used/fair condition. Shows heavy service wear-dings, nicks, pitting on muzzle end. These are same parts LRB refurbishes and uses on rifle builds...$49.95
  4. The M14
    I have recently build an M14 with all USGI parts. It was a blast to build and the rifle shoots straight and true. But I worry I may have skipped out on the receiver. Instead of going for a forged one from LBR I went for an investment casting from SAI. I've had no troubles with it, but I am...
  5. LRB Arms
    M14 Gas Piston - New Manufacture - $18.00
  6. Modern M14
    How's it going guys and gals. I'm looking to add to my collection of weapons with an M14. I've always loved the platform, and now is the right time for me to start building one. What I have in mind is Walter Mitty type DMR build (Yes, I've been over Gus Fisher's thread) that is capable of 8"-10"...
1-6 of 38 Results